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Introducing Jeremy Price
Introducing Jeremy Price

As Wes Campbell gets to know newbie Jeremy Price, blonds have more fun in this scene. Wes gets the platinum Price to open up his fantasies including a DEEP desire! The hot talk works Wes into a frenzy, anxious to give the new guy a try he peels off his clothes and brings him back.

Time: 04:00
Added: December 5, 2018
Views: 70


Super hot Danny Nelson and Evan Parker are on their first date, drifting through a beautiful San Diego park that the boys discuss their future plans, hopes and fantasies. Getting young and stunning, the entire world is their oyster and they have their whole lives ahead of them. But right now in this very moment all of the boys need is DICK, and both of these certainly have a good deal of it! They pummel one another's pretty hens, hitting the moist, warm place deep in the back of their throats with no gag reflex in sight.

Time: 02:08
Added: October 13, 2018
Views: 395

#helix: Angel Rivera and Shane Cook
#helix: Angel Rivera and Shane Cook

Our porntastic series #Helix is back with a top notch, naughty fuck from our favorite new top and bottom, Shane Cook and Angel Rivera! The guys answer your questions and act out fantasies directly from their fans on Twitter. The scene starts off with a bang.

Time: 04:07
Added: March 27, 2018
Views: 2407