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Spend a while chinnin' with Helix hotties Cameron Parks, Kyle Ross and Shane Cook as the men hit the town. Twink celebrity Kyle is hitting it off with guy candy Cook. Being the fantastic wingman he's, Cameron catches on and has to Grinding on his telephone then slides out to allow his boys perform. Shane is a significant beefcake, mountain of a guy from Missouri our pretty blonde boy can not wait to grow. After on his knees Kyle finds out quickly that Cook's penis is at least as striking as the rest of him.

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shane cook


Stuck in small dorm rooms, school roommates frequently grow close bonds that last a lifetime. Corbin Colby and Ryan Bailey happen to be roomies for some time in a boy's opinion. With jocky hormones in an all-time high, tonights the night that the hunky lettermen's dorm becomes dickified! In shape, tired of analyzing and hungry for cock, Bailey slurps his roommate's strong schlong, gagging on it is stunning girth.

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Raw & Tight
Raw & Tight

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, for superb hot hook up Wes Campbell and buds Brad Chase it also makes the penis get tougher! The men can not wait to get their hands on each other and have not seen one another. Making it to the bedroom in the nick of time they instantly get down to business.

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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, for super hot hook buds up Brad Chase and Wes Campbell additionally, it makes the dick get harder! The men haven't seen one another at a bit and can not wait to receive their hands on every other. Making it into the bedroom at the nick of time until one of them creams their jeans, they instantly put down to business.

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