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Tyler's ass is wet and begging to be fucked. Colton dives dick deep inside and plays the boys ass just like his guitar. Hitting all the right notes with long deep strokes in every position, Tyler stays rock hard the entire time. When Tyler backs up on it fucking himself we see HE'S got some good rhythm of his own! The climax is a symphony of semen all over Tyler's perky behind which Colton licks off and shares with his new buddy in one hot final kiss!

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Spend a while chinnin' with Helix hotties Cameron Parks, Kyle Ross and Shane Cook as the men hit the town. Twink celebrity Kyle is hitting it off with guy candy Cook. Being the fantastic wingman he's, Cameron catches on and has to Grinding on his telephone then slides out to allow his boys perform. Shane is a significant beefcake, mountain of a guy from Missouri our pretty blonde boy can not wait to grow. After on his knees Kyle finds out quickly that Cook's penis is at least as striking as the rest of him.

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Introducing: Wes Campbell
Introducing: Wes Campbell

So they are able to become familiar with each other a bit better we have hooked up red hot Chandler Mason with great butt fresh meat Wes Campbell. As Chandler digs PROFOUND with some HARD hitting questions Wes's wonderful surfer boy locks are floating in the wind on an attractive Cali shore.

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Super hot Danny Nelson and Evan Parker are on their first date, drifting through a beautiful San Diego park that the boys discuss their future plans, hopes and fantasies. Getting young and stunning, the entire world is their oyster and they have their whole lives ahead of them. But right now in this very moment all of the boys need is DICK, and both of these certainly have a good deal of it! They pummel one another's pretty hens, hitting the moist, warm place deep in the back of their throats with no gag reflex in sight.

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We join our two twinks mid-tickle/wrestling match as Cole Claire tosses around boy toy Leo Frost who apparently has several sensitive, sexy spots that Cole keeps hitting, causing the kid to squeal with delicious delight

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Spend some time chinnin' with Helix hotties Cameron Parks, Kyle Ross and Shane Cook as the guys hit the town. Twink superstar Kyle is hitting it off with man candy Cook. Being the good wingman he is, Cameron catches on and gets to Grinding on his phone then slips out to let his boys play. Shane is a big beefcake, mountain of a man from Missouri that our pretty blond boy can't wait to climb.

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