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Price to Pay
Price to Pay

Landon Vega and Fantasy boyfriends Jeremy Cost wake up wrapped in the arms of each other in a stunning beach-house firm and ready! Horny warmth permeates through their garments, drawing the cocks of this beautiful few towards one another. His latin lover and the best all-American blond lick every inch in a romantic cocksucking before Jeremy bends over his boy from the window and plows his ass bare back.

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Added: November 17, 2018
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Hang Up & Hook Up
Hang Up & Hook Up

Evan is chilling by the pool tanning his stunning body when it occurs to him that he would rather be heating up his day with some sex. He calls up Trevor, a former hookup, to see if the sexy young twink has time to “squeeze Evan in” for a little casual afternoon fuck sesh. 20 minutes later, Evan’s lips are wrapped around Trevor’s throbbing cock, and Evan is getting worked up to shove his hard-and-ready tool into Trevor’s tight hole. The situation goes from hot to scorching with Evan pounding home against Trevor’s eager ass, and both boys moaning with pleasure.

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Added: October 29, 2018
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California Creampie
California Creampie

Wrapped up in each other from Josh Brady, Sean Ford and the beginning heat up the screen with a few serious chemistry in a masturbation worthy make out session. All tough and heated, Sean goes down to get at the steak stick of Brady. Stuff's the child's cock in his mouth and Josh flogs him around and soon the pair are penis in a 69 that is sweaty.

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Added: October 20, 2017
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